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Gianluigi Rumo is a young winemaker of Valtellina, an alpine region of Lombardy (Northern Italy), a candidate to enter in the UNESCO lists as a World Heritage Site.

Gianluigi Rumo pays great attention to the respect for the environment and in particular:
does not use barrels, so the wine maintains the full characteristics of the land;
his wine is produced directly in the vineyard, planted with methodologies that pay great attention to the balance and respecting the environment;
he does not use herbicides;
mowing is done mostly by hand;
he uses fescue grass goats to rebalance the ground.

The treatment of the raw material and the rigorous selection of the grapes during the harvest allow to Gianluigi to have in his wines low levels of sulfur dioxide and in 2013 he started with the production of the first wine of Valtellina in absence of added sulfur, called "Vino di Gio", in honor of his son who designed the label.

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