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INFERNO Valtellina Superiore DOCG

This sub area, with a name so unusual as charming, refers to small cultivated terraces, located between Poggiridenti and Tresivio, in rocky gorges (not so easy to reach) and portions of the slope where summer temperatures are particularly high. The Inferno is the smallest of the sub areas after Maroggia. It lies at east of Grumello and has a vineyard of 55 hectares. The grapes of the Inferno area give a wine of character, suitable for long aging, a ruby red colour tending to grenade. With the aging, the wine acquires special fragrances and softens. Its flavour is dry, harmonic, slightly tannic.

It is considered the most austere of the Valtellina Superiore.

VALTELLINA SUPERIORE DOCG INFERNO, valtelina superiore docg inferno

INFERNO Valtellina Superiore DOCG

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