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List of products by brand Conti Sertoli Salis

The qualified and unique wines producted by Conti Sertori Salis bear the names of characteristics historical environments of the Palazzo Salis in Tirano.

Tirano was, since ancient times, one of the most important economic and cultural centers of the Valtellina. This ancient town still retains three gates that were a part of the ancient walls  built in 1497 by Ludovico il Moro to defend it from the Grigioni, who took over Tirano and the entire Valtellina  in 1512.

The "Brothers Salis", so they called themselves on labels and shipping documents, were among the first bottling of wines of the whole Kingdom of Italy.

In the cellars of the family were found bottles dated 1881, 1890; the most significant is the "vino di Tirano bottle of 1869", at that ancient times there were only Barolo and Marsala wine producers that had the possibility to put their own wine in the bottles.