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Try to encourage to kn

ow and to appreciate more and more the Valtellina wines is a part of the philosophy of the Enoteca Da

lla Valle.

The Enoteca is specialized in the sale of wines from Valtellina, it is able to offer to customers  the totality of the labels from the major wineries present for long time in our territory (the Valtellina) in addition to almost all of the labels most recently created.

The Enoteca also offers the possibility of "tastings" the Valtellina wines, we can illustrate You what are the main organoleptic characteristics associated with the Nebbiolo Grapes (Chiavennasca).

In Enoteca You can find and compare wines from old vintages, both valtellina wines that ones that come from other parts of Italy.

The wine world is always a changing world that brings inside it its history. A bottle of wine

always has something to say and to give.

The wine is a fundamental part of our culture, of our nature and our daily lifetime.

It is nice to appreciate the wine in his conviviality side and it is really enjoyable to find what it can tell us about itself.

Each wine tells a story: it brings the flavour of the land from which it comes, the memory of the work of human hands that have created it.

Find a valtellina wine is like to discover a piece of history, culture and beauty of our beloved land: the Valtellina.

On this site you'll find an exhaustive  catalogue of valtellina wines.

In order to know availability of past vintages, receive information and/or receive answers (even a  Your simple curiosity), please do not hesitate to contact us.