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The family Dalla Valle, with the great-grandfather Stefano and his wife Maddalena Paternoster, started the activity in the house of the Blessed Mario Omodei  in 1880
Initially they continued the milling activity of Pietro Paternoster, father of Maddalena. But by the end of the twentieth century opened a tavern, always in the house of the Blessed Mario Omodei, exploiting the existing wineries used to keep the best wines of Valtellina and salami productions.

In 1920 the son of Stefano, Aldo, continued the two activities (selling wines and milling) also adding the production of “gassosa” (carbonated drinks). He increased more and more the trade of wines, especially Valtellina wines. He began itself to produce bottles of a good Sassella and a simpler Rosso di Valtellina. The winery grew more and more coming up to a capacity of 250 hl in cement tanks and 100 hl in oak barrels. 

In 1953 the mill burns with all over the housing next to the mill. For this tragic event end two activities: mill and tavern to make room housing the family. It remains only the wholesale and retail of wine, liquor, beer and carbonated water, including those produced (it would stop production of carbonated drinks in 1960).

Between 1960 and 1977 will expand the stores, it ends Valtellina bottling wine and there is the start up of the current wine shop (1978).

In the period between the years 50 and 70 ceased bottling Valtellina wines will expand the stores to focus activities in particular in the trade of wines, spirits, beer and carbonated water.

The wine shop is open to the public in its present form and structure from 1978.

Currently the asset is managed by Giovanni Dalla Valle (the fourth-generation descendant of Stefano) together with members partner Simona Dalla Valle (sister) and Egidio Dalla Valle (uncle).