• Ar.Pe.Pe.


    In 1984 Arturo Pelizzatti Perego, withn a strong experience in his father and grandfather, decided to give life to ARPEPE with the aim to bring out the full potential of Valtelina, an area really unique and particularly productive for wines.

  • Ascesa


    New winery in the Valtellina panorama, active since 2018.

  • Assoviuno


    Consortium is located in the first Valtellina sub-zone you can see starting fron Como Lake: the Maroggia.

    The consortium produces wines which contain a small percentage of grapes that grow only in that area: the Merlina.

  • Azienda Vitivinicola Nobili

    Azienda Vitivinicola Nobili

    The company is located on four hectares of vineyards, between Poggiridenti and Sondrio; it produces about 250 liters of wine per year. The wines born n the cellar stationed in Poggiridenti and age in  the  new winery in Ponte in Valtellina.

  • Baldelli Gregorio

    Baldelli Gregorio

    The company Baldelli Gregorio is located in VIA GIUSEPPE PARINI, 74/3, 23010, Berbenno Di Valtellina, Sondrio.

  • Balgera Vini

    Balgera Vini

    The winery Balgera operates in the name of tradition, the ancient "how to make wine". Inside this company there isa continuous improvement of winemaking techniques and you can find  a good modernization of the cellars.

  • Barbacan


    Nebbiolo and Alps, Sun of the mountains, Rocks and primitive signs, "Breva" blowing from the lake, Calloused hands of winemakers, Smiles of those who loves what Barbacan does.

  • Bettini


    The Winery F.lli Bettini has his headquarters in San Giacomo di Teglio, a few kilometers from Sondrio,  in the heart of the production area of Vagella.

    The grapes come from Bettini's vineyards that are located in the classic areas of Valtellina Superiore DOCG. The grapes are carefully selected and vinified with modern equipped cellars.

  • Boffalora


    The love for the land, the territory and the tvalues of the family are the strengths that distinguish the way of doing of the Boffalora company.

  • Bulgarelli


    New entry since 2017 in the Valtellina vineries.

    Great attention to the Terroir and really PASSION for making Valtellina wines

  • Cà Bianche A.A. Bana Davide

    Cà Bianche A.A. Bana Davide

    "I inherited from my grandfather since I was a child the passion for the vineyard and the work in the fields. He taught me to get up early in the morning to go to work with him."

    David Bana

  • Caven Camuna

    Caven Camuna

    This is a young company with old roots. The winery CAVEN CAMUNA was founded in 1982 by brothers Stephen and Simon Nera.

  • Cooperativa Agricola Triasso e Sassella

    Cooperativa Agricola Triasso e Sassella

    Triasso Company is located among the ancient rocks and vineyards of Sassella, in the heart of the Valtellina Superiore DOCG. This winery keeps the true tradition of making Valtellina wines.

  • Dirupi


    The winery is located in Ponte in Valtellina, in a historic building owned by the municipality. The winery is located in Ponte in Valtellina, in a historic building owned by the municipality. Dating back to 1568 preserves beautiful marble portals hammered, sometimes in stone, fascinating corridors and salinate in stone.

  • Fay


    The commitment of the winery Fay is aimed to the enhancing of the individual vineyards that, according to the peculiarities of soil and altitude, giving rise to different wines and strong personality.

  • Folini Renato Azienda Agricola

    Folini Renato Azienda Agricola

    The Folini company born in Chiuro on 2008 with the aim of cultivating the vineyard with passion and the best care in order to obtain a wine that could explain these passion & skills.

  • Franzina


    The Vine and wine have always been in the tradition of the Valtellina families.

  • Gianatti


    Small and historic family-run business. 

  • Involt "Agnelot"

    Involt "Agnelot"

    Innovative winery in the heart of Valtellina, with scrupulous attention to the quality of the raw material.

  • La Grazia

    La Grazia

    Azienda Agricola “La Grazia” is a project created by the Oberti family.

    The Oberti family moved from Bergamo to Valtellina in 1919 and established Oberti S.r.l., a company which sold products like flour, cereals, grains, fodder, products for farming and animal husbandry.

  • La Perla

    La Perla

    The Winery LA PERLA of MARCO TRIACCA was built in 2009.
    Based in Valgella - Tresenda of Teglio, one of the hearts of the famous coast terraced with vineyards of Valtellina. It starts its wine production in 2009, starting with 1.5 ha of vineyard. 

  • Lanzini


    The Marino Lanzini farm was founded on 2015.

    Nebbiolo for Marino Lanzini means family tradition: a family, his family, very attached to our land. They have always practiced activities such as agriculture, breeding, cultivation of fruit and cereals but above all of the vine, Nebbiolo.

  • Le Strie

    Le Strie

    This company is a small reality of winemakers producing wines of traditional characteristics that fully express the main properties of the Valtellina Nebbiolo Grapes.

  • Leusciatti Bruno

    Leusciatti Bruno

    The winery Leusciatti Bruno produces Sassella wines from three generations by about 3 hectares of vineyards planted with Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo). 

  • Luca Faccinelli

    Luca Faccinelli

    For businessw choise, the farm Luca Faccinelli produces only one label wine, in which is concentrated passion, enthusiasm and love for the land and vineyards of the Valtellina.

  • Mamete Prevostini

    Mamete Prevostini

    The story of Mamete Prevostini is an Italian winery story, that began to love wine more than 70 years ago and who has a close connection with the territory: the Valtellina, one of the most important terraced wine-growing mountains in Italy.

  • Marcel Zanolari

    Marcel Zanolari

    The winery La Torre is a small family company located in the area of Bianzone, on the famous sunny side of Valtellina, in the province of Sondrio, in the heart of the vineyards. The vineyards of the Valtellina are a true monument to human diligence.


  • Marsetti Alberto

    Marsetti Alberto

    It is a family company: Alberto Marsetti continues the work of his grandfather Angelo, Andrea's father and uncle Antonio, who have always believed in the value of Nebbiolo.  The Nebbiolo grape can express all its nobility even in these particular climatic conditions and soil conditions. The vineyards, which extend about 7.5 hectares, are situated on the outskirts of Sondrio.

  • Menegola Walter

    Menegola Walter

    In a remarkably impervious area as the Valtellina, where the passion, tenacity, and love for their land induce man to the cultivation of the vine, worked rigorously and patiently by hands, the brothers Menegola, winemakers tradition since 1850 with great enthusiasm, in 2006 has founded the eponymous Wine House, located in the heart of one of the most important terraced vineyards of Italy.

  • Motalli Renato

    Motalli Renato

    The Motalli winery is located in San Giacomo di Teglio in the province of Sondrio. It is a family farm, now in its fourth generation with Renato Motalli, the current owner. 

  • Mozzi Alfio

    Mozzi Alfio

    Alfio Mozzi is a small producer in the area of Castione (Sondrio).
    Quality, Love for the vineyards and winery are expressions that we also find in the wines produced by Alfio Mozzi.

  • Nera


    The passion, the pride and the work of a family.

  • Nino Negri

    Nino Negri

    The history of the winery is long as a century, from generation to generation, it tells of a strong will and intuitions; the two things that gave to Nino Negri wines the opportunity to express their greatness.

  • Plozza


    Plozza Wine Group unites four companies rich in tradition and with appropriate industry expertise. The concentration of know-optimized in the group allows the company to benefit from it.

  • Pro.Ne.Va. Produttori Nebbiolo di Valtellina S.c.a.r.l.

    Pro.Ne.Va. Produttori Nebbiolo di Valtellina S.c.a.r.l.

    Pro.Ne. Va. a newly established company based in Villa di Tirano.

  • Rainoldi


    "Wine as culture" is the slogan of the winery Aldo Rainoldi. The cure of vineyards, the true quality in the wines,   refinement of the labels are the main aims of this winery.

  • Rivetti & Lauro

    Rivetti & Lauro

    "Rivets & Lauro" was born from an ambitious idea. The vineyards of the Valtellina, the largest wine-growing area of terraced mountain in Italy is a place where it is produced Nebbiolo. Here there is a  grape variety for great and noble wines, with an extraordinary value.
    From this tradition we start to introduce new farming techniques in harmony with the mountain environment. We are cultivating Nebbiolo and new varieties of grapes, in order to exalt further the generosity of Nebbiolo.

  • Rupi del Nebbiolo

    Rupi del Nebbiolo

    Rupi del Nebbiolo is an agricultural cooperative made ​​up of a small group of vignerons (young and old) with a direct management of the vineyards. There are some vine and wine lover too inside the cooperative.

  • Selva Pietro

    Selva Pietro

    Pietro Selva is a small winemaker located in Castione. His wines well represents the Terroir.

  • Tenuta Scerscé

    Tenuta Scerscé

    Tenuta Vinea born as natural path of a young woman, Cristina Scarpellini, which today is the thinking head of 'company. Heart, courage, creativity are the three words that distinguish this exciting journey.

  • Terrazzi Alti di Siro Buzzetti

    Terrazzi Alti di Siro Buzzetti

    Siro Buzzetti, the owner Terrazzi Alti Company, has always tried to aim to a complete harmony between the vine and the land; he cares particular attention to the land because he thinks that the real expression of a winemaker in Valtellina is above all  take care to vines, from which we can obtain an excellent mountain Nebbiolo.

  • Triacca


    The winery is an independent family-owned for four generations, since 1897 precisely. 
    The House Mother and commercial headquarters for the Swiss market is located in Campascio, near the Swiss-Italian border.

  • Triacca Pietro

    Triacca Pietro

    In 1897, Pietro Triacca began his career as viticulturist and wine merchant with his brother Domenico. In the twenties Triacca Pietro founded the eponymous company, now run by his nephews Piero and Fabio, tied to the land and tradition with the same passion of the founders. A difficult but valuable constant job, enriched by study and knowledge, with particular attention to to new perspectives and the awareness of the potential of the territory of Valtellina wines.

  • Valbuzzi Gianpiero

    Valbuzzi Gianpiero

    Valbuzzi Gianpiero is a farmer from Valtellina. The main occupation is the viticulture, which is his true passion. The company is located in Via Roma, 40 in Bianzone (SO).

  • Vitivinicola Marchetti Maria Luisa

    Vitivinicola Marchetti Maria Luisa

    The Azienda Vitivinicola Marchetti is a family company located in Teglio. The main activity consist of the cultivation of vineyards and a traditionally vinification in the Teglio Municipality.

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